Hello Tea Friends

This is Swan from CHAOCHA.

I’m currently based in China and have been running my small tea brand on the side for almost 10 months.

I've tried many ways to share my knowledge and passion for tea, including creating a simple and comprehensive tea brewing guide, writing blogs about tea, hosting tea workshops, brewing gongfu tea at a weekend market, and giving individual tea courses. All had good results and helped to create small ripples of awareness for loose leaf tea.

But as I continue to think about new ways to spread the word about tea, I realized that the most effective way to convert more people to this mindful beverage is by growing this industry, having more tea brands that radiate each owner's personality and value, and building more tea communities.
Because tea is an experience, social media can hardly demonstrate the true satisfaction of tea, and we don't have enough loose leaf tea presence in our real lives for people to have a chance to try it and fall in love.

I would like to encourage tea fans like me to create their own tea brands. (Already have your own tea brand? Try our teas to discover more supply selections!)

From my experience last year, the biggest challenge was to find and connect with trustworthy tea farms to buy tea, and to communicate with them regarding handling and packaging the product. And I'm a Chinese person who lives in China!

I decided to offer a sourcing and wholesale section this year and empower those who are into selling high-quality premium loose leaf tea with direct-sourced tea, customized packaging solutions, and a small minimum order quantity. 

How to start?

Step 1

Follow our IG and stay tuned for our tea trip videos and place orders for samples of the tea plantations that you would like to try.

Step 2

Receive tea and packaging samples.

Step 3

Place a minimum order of 3 teas at 500g each to unlock the wholesale program and get help along the way when building your brand and  creating your loose leaf tea business.

Why choose us?

Visibility - Tea from sources that you can see and trace in a video clip. Know the faces behind the tea.

Customization - Pick your color and style of packaging, and have the tea packaged and ready upon receiving.

Support - We are in this together! We'd always give support and ideas to help you grow your brand and your communitea.

Ownership - We won't sell the tea we supply in our wholesale sections under our own brand and we are open to negotiating exclusivity of any tea.

Write to us if you are interested.
Be a part of the change to the communitea!