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One month after launching our site, we hosted our first workshop on June 21 in Shenzhen. Nine guests joined us at this event to discover the possibilities of tea and shared a great afternoon together.

We started by explaining what CHAOCHA is dedicated to doing -- Create a modern mindful lifestyle for people through quality tea and tea time. We then shared some basic ideas of Loose Leaf Tea and Gong Fu Cha.

In the tasting section, we brewed three types of tea in different styles for our guests to taste, pairing with two signature Chaoshan snacks.

People pouring tea for each other.

Tasting tea with awareness.

"The smell is different from the taste!"

Our first tea was Silver Needle from Yunnan. This white tea is covered with white hair and has a very subtle taste that all our guests thought hard to describe.

Our second tea was Honey Orchid from Chaoshan. This is a vibrant and exciting oolong tea.

Our last tea, Stick Rice Pu’er, was presented in an antique-style wine glass to allow our guests to better capture the deep aroma.

Instead of asking people to take notes according to a flavor wheel or the level of different tastes, we suggested our guests note their "feelings."  We want to remind people to look into their minds when they are tasting something. Relate the sensation with their past experiences to make it more personal and unique. All of this could be done with a little bit of awareness.

With some simple guidelines and vocabulary provided, our guests completed their tasting notes for the three teas. Everyone voted for the notes they thought best described the ideas of each tea.

We had three notes get the same number of votes and the winners were all given a "Nice to Meet You Box" which contains all ten of our teas as a prize.

All our guests commented that the event changed their perspectives on tea and showed them how tea drinking can be fashionable and a social event to enjoy with friends.

CHAOCHA is a tea brand founded by Swan, who grew up in Chaoshan--an area where people enjoy brewing loose leaf tea in gongfu style (Gong Fu Cha) from day to night. After moving to Shenzhen and living there for almost 10 years, Swan slowly realized how much influence Gong Fu Cha has had on her self-awareness, family bonding, and social connection. She decided to break the stereotype of tea being something boring and traditional, reintroducing tea drinking to more people and helping them discover the possibilities of tea.

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