old About Us, and Also About You

Hey there! We thank the universe for bringing you to this page.
While many loose leaf tea businesses today are fighting for acceptance through the source of tea, the quality of tea, the knowledge of tea and the taste of tea, we believe that having all of these are just a start.
We realize that even when people understand the health benefits of tea, it is the concept of drinking tea being lame, old school, boring, slow, and plain that has been pushing people away.
We often say “Let’s go chat over a coffee.” or “Let’s go for a drink and celebrate!” or “I’m gonna reward myself with a beer.” But drinking tea is never considered as an appealing social event or cool thing to do. Yet this is not the case in an area of Guangdong China called Chaoshan, where drinking tea is how people bond with their family, how they interact with their guests and customers, how they socialize with friends and how they relax, for over one thousand years…
Besides having a high quality and phenomenal taste, our teas also enhance the sensation and experience they bring you. Each tea is curated to meet the needs of your mind, body, and soul in different situations and times of day.
By revealing the incredible medium role of tea and creating the fun & fashionable aspect of enjoying loose leaf tea, we also want to redefine drinking tea as a sophisticated social event, just like sipping whiskey, tasting wine, and puffing a cigar.
We do all of these not just to sell tea, but to bring you the new possibility of urban living, because we truly care about you. We care about your well-being, both physically and mentally in this busy, noisy, and chaotic world. We care about your quality of living, both on a material level and in state of mind. We care about how you have fun, both consciously and unconsciously. We care about your relationship, both with your loved ones and yourself.
We believe in you. Thank you for choosing us!
2020 Spring