20% Off During Year Of the OX Holiday

Hello Tea Friends,
Did you know all of our teas are shipped directly from China? Yes, the teas we source are fresh from tea farms by air, across the world, and ending in your cup.  
With the upside of having fresh new leaves all year round, the downside of shipping from China is we are about to go through an annual, long “Chinese New Year Break.” Even though the official holiday is only 7 days, for industries that rely on a lot of migrant workers, in our case, the shipping industry, the business operation stops for about 3 weeks to make sure the workers are able to travel back to their hometown to celebrate with their family. With that being said, we are sorry to let you know that orders from Feb. 2nd to Feb. 20th will not be shipped until Feb. 21st.   
In the spirit of the festival, we will compensate for your long wait with 20% off all products (apply automatically in your cart) and some unique traditional Chinese “Fortune Cookie” treats that we have during our own gathering. 
Happy year of the ox!