Hey Beautiful You,

You are receiving this Positivitea Box because someone truly cares for you, and that could be yourself. :)

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. CHAOCHA was planning to take off in the US and bring its modern mindful lifestyle to people who are looking for a deeper connection with themselves and others. However, we were forced to push that rendezvous back a bit. Just like many of your other marvelous plans.

With the shadow of the crisis, we are again reminded that when it comes to life, it is a healthy body and strong immune system that really matter and are considered our biggest fortune. So we figured while rolling out different events here in China and improving details to ensure a smoother launch overseas next year, we should also send out some nature healing power to all of you who are still fighting the battle. For loose leaf tea doesn’t just have a wide range of mineral, vitamins, and supplements, but it also helps reduce stress and improve mood.

The quarantine put us all in a long and serious “hangout” with ourselves. Along with actively reviewing and improving on all aspects of life, let’s also get on a pure leafy tea journey to discover more possibility with this magical gift from our mother earth.

From the Ancient Tree Raw Pu’er that can take you on a trip through the deep forest to the Iron Goddess Oolong tea that can make you breathe flowers… This Positivitea Box has 5 different kinds of our premium teas. We included one name card for each tea to help you better enjoy and appreciate them. And, as we can’t meet you and guide you through our gongfu brewing for loose leaf tea yet, we prepared some biodegradable corn fiber bags so you can bag the tea if needed.

You can find more tea knowledge on chaochatea.com or follow our IG @quality_life_with_tea

We all miss our lively gatherings, and one of CHAOCHA’s core values is to make tea drinking a fun and sophisticated social event. We are looking forward to the day when we can finally connect with you and share tea together!


Swan from CHAOCHA