Team Building over Tea

We were thrilled to have our first "Team Building Over Tea" event with the Decathlon team in Shenzhen!

In this program , we introduced the basics of gongfu brewing and its philosophy of making an effort for others. Team members were put into groups and took turns brewing different teas.

Sharing tea in gongfu style is all about real connection and making a kind gesture for each other. You don't have to be a tea lover to enjoy the benefits of tea. Let it be the best medium for you and the people around you.

Brew in gongfu style and share with love and a smile.

No more high calories
Embrace pure tea with rich taste
and antioxidant polyphenols

Pair with Chaoshan snacks
that cure your Chaoshan delights craving

Learn Gaiwan with CHAOCHA
Master office gongfu brewing in 20 mins

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Office Afternoon Brewing
Exel with Tea

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In addition to providing high-quality tea with great taste and customized teaware, CHAOCHA offers fun and interactive workshops; tea sessions for events; team building programs for companies; afternoon tea for hotels and restaurants, and more.

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